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At Hyde Concrete we service both commercial and residential clients. 

We strive for integrity, knowledge, and being at the forefront of our craft by proving the highest standard of quality to our clients. We perform work for clients in basements, garages, pool decks, driveways, sidewalks, and more. Below are examples of the services we provide our residential clients:

  • Stained Concrete – Enhance your residential concrete flooring with color for a beautiful and modern finish
  • Polished Concrete – Durable and low maintenance flooring system that can give your house that industrial look and perform longer than any flooring system on the market. it is also called Cement Floor Restoration.
  • Concrete Resurfacing – Revive your existing concrete with a new surface. This can be as simple as broom finished to textured finish
  • Metallic Epoxy Coating  - Pearlescent metallic pigments are added to epoxy to create one of a kind floors.
  • Stamped Concrete – A classic impression on concrete that emulates stone, brick, or other unique textures that regular concrete cannot achieve

If you have an idea of what you would like please reach out to discuss. Please see our gallery below of previous residential projects.

Project Estimates

If you know the decorative concrete finish you want for your new project or are interested in learning more about the decorative concrete options we offer, please complete the Quick Estimates Form below.to get in-touch with Residential Concrete Contractors/Concrete Flooring Contractors.

Why is Hyde Concrete the best choice as your residential concrete contractor in Maryland?

Hyde Concrete is a well-known and highly-reputed company made up of a team of professionals who are truly passionate about designing and building with concrete. We can turn your commercial and residential property into a unique space! Our services include concrete floor design consultation, budgeting, and installation of numerous custom decorative concrete finishes. By working closely with architects, homeowners and designers, we consistently exceed expectations in every way possible!

We provide a full range of decorative concrete design/finishes such as:
  • Polished concrete –This is a durable and low maintenance Polished Cement flooring system, which is great to achieve a modern, industrial aesthetic. They perform excellently compared to any other flooring systems in the market.
  • Stained concrete – You can enhance the floor by adding colors to it. This gives it a Decorative Concrete, Modern concrete, beautiful, and classy aesthetic!
  • Stamped concrete – This is a another classic one, and it emulates brick, designed in texture,epoxy metallic flooring and stone.
  • Concrete resurfacing – Revive the existing product you have in your house with a brand-new surface. You can take it from a broom finish to a textured one.
  • Metallic epoxy coating – The iron oxide pigments are mixed in with epoxy to bring to life flowing floors that are truly unique. Have your own lush and lavish flooring with our expert team.

We also have sealed concrete, Cement Floor, polished concrete floor, Concrete Floor Coatings, Garage Floor Coating, dyed concrete, vertical applications, chip broadcast epoxy coatings and much more. If there’s anything missing from this list that you are looking for, you can give our experts a call any time for your free consultation. Contact us now to know concrete floor installation cost

Benefit from our core values of integrity and professionalism - see for yourself the quality of our work today!


Hyde Concrete proudly serves Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia for all of your residential concrete needs.