1100 Wilson Blvd Rooftop




Arlington, VA

Polished Concrete Overlay

2018 Decorative Concrete Council- Second Place: Overlays | Under 5000 sf

Located along the Potomac River in downtown Arlington, 1100 Wilson Blvd is a LEED Certified – Gold, 31-story building that offers premiere office space, retail and panoramic views of the Washington, DC monuments. The owners recently decided to renovate the rooftop to include a new 2,500 sf, 32nd floor lounge with a bar, kitchenette, and conference space with a nano-wall that opens onto a 3,000 sf outdoor patio. The space required a durable and high-end finish to accommodate the heavy foot traffic, and polished concrete was immediately chosen as the aesthetically pleasing solution. The architects knew that getting a suitable finish on a new topping slab on the rooftop of a building was going to be difficult, so they entrusted Hyde with placing a polished concrete overlay. The result was a durable, environmentally-friendly, and beautiful polished concrete floor.